Program Description

This program is developed and taught by Raleigh Medal of Arts recipient, Bonnie Brooks. She has been an art teacher for 18 years and believes that the students' creative abilities enable them to be more successful in all other aspects of their education.

A student develops mentally and socially through attention to individual needs and by constructing a firm basis for achievement in subsequent curricula. The enrichment of art exercises through the use of creative approaches enables each student to realize his own educational potential within a group atmosphere.

Many important concepts and values can be learned through a well taught art education program. In visual art, some of these concepts consist of aesthetics, perceptual awareness, creativity, skills, and a feeling of self concepts. Art concepts are needed to enhance a student's life and can be achieved through positive art experiences. The Artist In Progress class curriculum has been developed to promote and enhance creative thinking abilities while balancing a student's education. The class curriculum will be developed based on student's individual needs and abilities.

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