How Visual Art Can Help Your Child

Students see relationships, questions and analyze material, and clearly articulate thoughts through the arts. The arts convey knowledge and meaning not learned through the study of other subjects. They represent a form of thinking and a way of knowing, that is based in human imagination and judgment.

Students of the arts continue to out perform their non-arts peers on the Scholastic Assessment Test, according to the College Entrance Examination Board. In 1995, SAT scores for students who studied the arts more than four years were 59 points higher on the verbal and 44 points higher on the math portion than students with no course work or experience in the arts. It is also documented that the arts have the potential to aid learning in specific areas, such as reading, writing, math and creativity. The Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills states that the arts are cited as important for certain "foundation" skills which include thinking creativity, problem solving, exercising individual responsibility, sociability and self esteem.

Historian Eugene Ferguson stated; "Pyramids, cathedrals and rockets exist not because of geometry, theories of structures or thermodynamics, but because they were first a picture - literally a vision - in the minds of those who built them."

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